Mythbusters 3 Bee Stings

ambulance shirtv4.011

Myth 3 – Bee Stings can only be removed by a credit card

Fact – Best practice for any insect sting is ice and to wash the area afterwards.

Now before you all start hitting the keyboard in response to this statement let me explain further.

Bees tend to leave the stinger in the injection site, whilst wasps and horseflies do not and can potentially sting the victim a number of times. So the correct treatment for these stings / bites is ice and wash the sting / wound site.

It is very important that the stinger is removed as soon as possible and delaying this while you find a credit card is not a good idea. The stinger tends to have a venom sac at the end of the stinger which will empty if you squeeze it. A quick snatch of the stinger or finger flick will hopefully remove it and stop further venom going into the victim. The longer you leave it in the more venom is introduced the higher chance of an allergic reaction.

When it comes to Bee stings It is good practice to scrape rather than use tweezers or fingers, but you must not delay removal if no card is within reach.

Remember to remove the stinger as soon as possible to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.

A severe allergic reaction can cause breathing problems so be prepared to ring 999/112.

Be aware there is an increased chance of the sting / wound site becoming infected if it is not cleaned properly.

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