Travel First Aid Kit contents update 2013

Hiking shoes and equipment on map

I have below attached a copy of the latest guideline from the HSE in relation to travel first aid kits.

Remember to include this in your first aid needs assessment you have to complete for your workplace.

Travelling first-aid kit contents

There is no mandatory list of items to be included in first-aid kits for travelling workers. They might typically contain:

  • a leaflet giving general guidance on first aid (for example HSE’s leaflet Basic advice on first aid at work5);
  • six individually wrapped sterile plasters (hypoallergenic plasters can be provided, if necessary);
  • two individually wrapped triangular bandages, preferably sterile;
  • two safety pins;
  • one large sterile un-medicated dressing;
  • individually wrapped moist cleansing wipes;
  • two pairs of disposable gloves (see HSE’s leaflet Latex and you6).

The above should be considered as suggested contents lists only.

The above guidelines are found on page 32 of the document:

The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981. Guidance on Regulations

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