Mongolian Blue Spots

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Mongolian Blue spots

I have had this raised by a nursery recently which they felt would be helpful to other child care professionals.

Mongolian Blue Spots can occasionally be mistaken for bruises however they are a type of birthmark and are a non cancerous skin marking and they are not associated with any disease.

Mongolian Blue spots are blue or a blue grey flat skin marking that appear at birth or very soon afterwards. They can be single or multiple in number and they can appear any where on the body but are usually on the back on or near to the buttocks.

They can be mistaken for bruises if they appear after birth and can be irregular in shape approximately 2 to 8 cm wide. They are birthmarks not bruises.

A high percentage of children from Asian, East Indian and African descent can develop these but they are quite rare in white European children. More boys than girls are affected.

They tend to fade as the child gets older.

First Aid Treatment

None required as they are not painful, you just need to bring it to the attention of the parents and advise them to see their GP incase they need any further advice. It should be picked up by the healthcare routine newborn examination.

Make sure you log the condition in the child’s notes so that you can discount this during any pre hospital surveys and treatments.

The biggest issue is wrong diagnosis when they can be mistaken as bruises and treated as such.

Make sure all your staff are made aware of this condition especially if you have children from the at risk group.

It is important that if the child has an accident make sure you carry out your Primary and Secondary survey and get a history  for the child.


Make sure you highlight the condition to any ambulance crew who attend the child.


I have attached a handout from Great Ormond Street Hospital which is excellent. I would print this out and make sure all staff are made aware of it as a ‘ToolBox Talk’.

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