Toolbox Talk

Studenten halten Daumen hoch in der UniToolbox talks are a way of ensuring best practice in your workplace.

Since my post yesterday I have had a number of emails asking what a ‘Toolbox Talk’ is?

Toolbox talks are a way of disseminating information on a topic to a group of people you work with to make sure that everyone gets the same message, that they understand that message and in some instances you get them to sign to say they have read and understand that information. It is a way of ensuring that all staff follow best practice. The talk should be brief and presented during work time.

The recent document on Mongolian blue is a good example. Print the document attach a cover sheet with a toolbox number, attach a sheet with all the staff names and ask them to sign it when they have read it. Nominate a member of staff to coordinate the document and ensure that staff know they can go to that person to ask questions if they need to. The document and the information will take no more than 5 minutes to present in the staff room. Limit the document to two weeks on the notice board and then chase up any staff who have not read it and then when complete file it in a folder that must be accessible at all times.

If you number the documents sequentially you can track who has and who has not read the information.



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