Top 5 Alive Drive


The Top 5 Alive is a short course designed for parents, teachers and child care professionals to treat the top 5 injuries to children under 5.

It is based on an original course that was designed in 1994 when parents and child care professionals did not have a wide choice of first aid courses that were child care friendly.

Subjects covered are:

Unconscious casualty – Recovery position, CPR.




Nose bleeds

The courses were delivered free to parents in areas where social conditions made a child more at risk to injuries. The courses were funded by the NHS initiative ‘Health of the Nation’. The courses were a great success and ran for a number of years until the new 12 hour Paediatric course was produced in 2002. In 2013 the course was refreshed and with some funding from the Lottery and with some courses provided for a reduced parent friendly fee over 500 parents have in the last 7 (seven) months taken advantage of the course.

A number of nurseries and schools have used them to encourage more parent involvement and awareness of their child care facility.

The courses continue to run and are available upon request. Hopefully more funding will be available later this year to provide more free courses.

All attendees receive a certificate of attendance.

For more information.

Email me on

To book on a course use our online service. Click Book a course


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